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HX plate & HX strip, bronze and PEEK lined, marginally lubricated, size on request
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  HX plate & HX strip, bronze and PEEK lined, marginally lubricated, size on request  
Sintered PEEK / PTFE and Sintered Bronze Powder  on Steel Backing
PEEK / PTFE + Bronze Powder + Steel Backing + Copper / Ting-plating

1. HX bearing provides maintenance-free operation;
2. Operate satisfactorily without lubrication under light duty and low speed;
3. HX bearing has a high PV capability under high temperature, from to -150℃ to +250℃;
4. Good chemical resistance;
5. High static and dynamic capacity.
6. No water absorption;
7. Suitable for rotating, oscillationg, reciprocating and sliding movement.


1. PEEK + PTFE 0.30~0.50mm, gives high wear resistance and low friction even only minute quantities of lubricant are supplied. This bearing surface carries a pattern of circular indents which should be filled with grease on assembly of the bearing.
2. Bronze layer 0.20~0.35mm, provides max. thermal conductivity away from the bearing surface, also serves as a reservoir for the PTFE/PEEK mixture.
3 . Steel backing, provides mechanical strength and high loadcarrying capacity.
4 . Copper/Tin plating 0.002mm, provides good corrosion resistance.

Typical Applications

HX bearings application covered gear pump, ABS system, piston pump, gear motor, machine tools, agricultural machinery and so on.
The materials is recommended with initial pre-lubrication at assembly.

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